Author: Paul Evancoe


Reloading, Ammunition, Articles, Articles by Issue, Gear, V23N7 (Aug Sep 2019), Volume 23

The Venerable .22 Rimfire: Flobert’s Metallic Cartridge and How One Company Continues Its Story

Many of us began our shooting experience with a .22 rifle. That’s because the .22 rimfire cartridge is the most prolific round with the most varied chamber-in... Read more.
Gear and Training, Articles, Articles by Issue, Optics & Thermals, V25N8, Volume 25

Optoelectronics—A Marriage of Imaging and Artificial Intelligence Under the Law of Physics

The optical sighting device industry is heading toward replacing traditional ground lens see-through glass optics with optoelectronic sighting devices. This evo... Read more.
Guns & Parts, Articles, Articles by Issue, Search by Issue, V22N8 (Oct 2018), Volume 22

Bionic Warrior: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloaking, Directed Energy and Cyber Weapons

The United States dedicates significant resources in defense spending with the objective of keeping its competitors and numerous potential enemies focused upon ... Read more.
Gear, Articles, Articles by Issue, Search by Issue, V21N8 (Oct 2017), Volume 21

Precision Fastidiousness: A Properly Maintained Weapon Provides Accuracy, Reliability and Longevity

One of the great mistakes made by many shooters is to judge a firearm’s performance based upon the manufacturer’s claims, rather than by its operational res... Read more.

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