Author: Jonathan Ferguson


Military Weapons, Articles, Articles by Issue, Guns & Parts, V23N9 (Nov 2019), Volume 23

UK Cadet Force Weaponry: Armament Research Services, British Enfield SA80 Cadet GP Rifle

By Jonathan Ferguson  In the UK there are several “Cadet” forces. These comprise the Army Cadet Force, the (RAF) Air Training Corps, the (Royal Navy) Sea ... Read more.
Guns & Parts, Articles, Articles by Issue, V23N6 (Jun Jul 2019), Volume 23

End of an Era in British Firearms Manufacturing: The British Enfield SA80, XL70 – Part 4

The final prototype series of the SA80 family actually overlapped with the service L85A1 and L86A1 variants and consisted of 10 variants; although the E1 is the... Read more.
Guns & Parts, Articles, Articles by Issue, V23N7 (Aug Sep 2019), Volume 23

The L85A2 Rifle Still Going Strong: British Enfield SA80, SA80 A1 vs. A2, British Enfield SA80, XL80 SERIES, PART 5

As our previous instalments have covered, the SA80 family endured a very troubled development cycle, and many of these challenges continued well into its actual... Read more.
Firearm History, Articles, Articles by Issue, Search by Issue, V22N9 (Nov 2018), Volume 22

Replacing the Bren: The Post-War British Army Considered Korsak’s Bullpup Design LMG for Infantry Support

This experimental British light machine gun or automatic rifle was developed from 1945–1947 under the auspices of the British Armament Design Establishment (A... Read more.
Military Weapons, Articles, Articles by Issue, Guns & Parts, V23N10 (Dec 2019), Volume 23

Trials and Tribulations: Britain’s Quest for Area Effect Weapons, British Enfield SA80 Grenade Launchers

An “area effect” weapon was a requirement from the outset of the SA80 program and appeared in wooden mock-up form in the “1970 Preliminary Study” (publi... Read more.

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